Help! How to get around in ‘A World of Images’?

This page will help you find information and navigate in ‘A World of Images’.

A World of Images contains two types of pages:

Main page

Main pages

Each main page treats one topic and is illustrated by a big satellite image.
The following tools will help you understand the image:
More info

Click on the information button to get a small description of the image.

Click once on the zoom button to open the image in full size in a new window. Click again on the full size image to zoom in.
Additional information page

Additional information pages

Additional pages include information on satellites and sensors as well as detailed information on selected issues.

How to get to the main pages ?


This page shows details of remote sensing images. Each quicklook is a direct link to a main page of the tutorial.
From this mosaic page, you can always access the contents page.
Follow this icon to go back to the mosaic page. Mosaic

Contents page

This page lists all main pages of the tutorial.
It also provides links to the list of additional information pages, to the reference list, to the links list, to the authors list, to the teachers' corner and to the quizzes.
Follow this Index or this Index to reach the contents page !

Theme page
Vertical menu

Through the vertical menu, you can access the different theme pages and their sliding menu. The Air page links to the main pages dealing with air and atmosphere topics. The Water page gives access to the pages linked to water resources, oceans, hydrology, etc. The Land page is the entrance door to pages about land, soil, land use, forests, deserts, natural and mineral resources. The Human impact page links to the pages dealing with topics where humans have an impact such as: global change, agriculture, cities, oil spills, air pollution, etc. The Climate page gathers a series of specialised pages about global or large scale climate-related events.

Some of the pages are classified under more than one theme. The "oil spill" page for instance can be found under the Water theme as well as under the Human impact theme.

                   Air Water Land Human impact Climate
                   Follow these icons to go to the theme pages.
Topic page
Bottom menu

From every main page, you can make the bottom menu slide and reach the other main pages through their icons.
Man-made structures Cities Agriculture Precision farming Cultural World Heritage Weather forecast Storms Air quality Ozone Global change El Niño Biodiversity Vegetation status Land cover Natural World Heritage Volcanoes Deserts Deforestation Geology Global biosphere 3D models Coastal zones Coral reefs Ocean currents Floods Ice melting Oil spills Blooms Coastal upwelling

How to get to the additional pages ?

List of additional information pages

This page lists all additional pages attached to the main topic pages of the tutorial.

You can also click on the links appearing in the text. They will lead you either to an additional page with more details or to a main page related to this topic.

From the contents page, follow this icon to reach the list of additional information pages. Additionnal index
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