Land quiz

1) Which of the following can cause tropical deforestation?
a) timber harvest and logging (fuel and construction)
b) construction of new roads and buildings
c) conversion to crop plantation, pasture and farms
d) all of the above

2) In which colour appears vegetation in false-colour composite images ?
a) blue
b) red
c) green
d) black

3) Have you understood what a classified image is ? Which one of these affirmations is true ?
a) the classified image can highlight the main surface cover types
b) the classified image can show information which wasn't discernable on the original image
c) the classified image was produced through computer calculations
d) all of the above

4) What is a mosaic image ?
a) an artificial view of Earth made of overlapping individual images
b) a real view of Earth made with one image showing a vast portion of the Earth surface
c) several artificial views of Earth combined in a time series
d) a cloud-free image

5) and 6) Compare both images of Lake Ichkeul.
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Lake Ichkeul
Lake Ichkeul, Tunisia (14/11/01 and 29/07/05). Source: NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS/ASTER Science Team. Click twice on the image for a detailed view.
5) On which image is the water level higher ?
a) 2001
b) 2005
c) this is not visible on the images

6) On which image can you spot aquatic plants in the lake (appearing in red) ?
a) 2001
b) 2005
c) this is not visible on the images

7) Do you remember what has been threatening the Ichkeul national park and the venue of migrating birds ?
a) air pollution increase
b) salinity increase
c) hunting increase
d) deforestation

8) What is in UNESCO World Heritage list ?
a) a list of national parks or wildlife reserves forming part of the natural heritage considered as having outstanding universal value
b) a list of sites forming part of the cultural and natural heritage considered as having outstanding universal value
c) a list of cultural sites considered as having outstanding universal value
d) a list of natural sites considered as having outstanding universal value

9) What is specific to the Lena delta in Russia ?
a) the delta is frozen 7 months of the year
b) the delta forms fertile wetlands 5 months of the year
c) the delta is included in a protected wildlife reserve because it is an important site for birds and fishes
d) all of the above

10) Where are the tallest dunes in the world located ?
a) in the Namibia Desert
b) in the Atacama Desert
c) in the Sahara Desert
d) in the Antartic

11) Which one is the world's largest desert ?
a) the Namibia Desert
b) the Atacama Desert
c) the Sahara Desert
d) the Antartic

12) Compare the satellite image of the Escondida mine with the ground picture.
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Escondida mine
Escondida mine, Chile, seen from space and from the ground. Source: NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS/ASTER Science Team. Photo: BHP Billiton Group. Click on the image for a detailed view.
The photograph who took the picture was facing East. Which is the orientation of the satellite image ?
a) top is North, bottom is South
b) top is East, botton is West
c) top is South, bottom is North
d) top is West, bottom is East

13) How satellite data could be helpful for farmers ?
a) by identifying stressed plants even before stress symptoms are visible to the human eye
b) by identifying where crop suffer from water deficiency
c) by identifying where crop are attacked by pests
d) all of the above

14) How were the artificial islands of Dubai and Bahrain built ?
a) by land reclamation
b) by construction on existing coral reefs
c) by amalgamating several natural islets into a bigger island
d) by extending existing natural islets

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